documentary films

alain danielou – the way to the labyrinth

a film by riccardo biadene

The extraordinary life of the man who brought India to the West. An adventurous musical journey starting from Brittany, passing through India (Shantiniketan, Varanasi, Khajuraho, Bhubaneshwar, Chennai, Pondicherry),  Berlin, Venice and Rome, following the story of the French-born Alain Daniélou, indologist and musicologist who mainly lived In India between the 30’s and the 60’s. Since 1950 Daniélou is the curator of the first world classical music collection for UNESCO. In 1963, come back in Europe, he founds and directs the Berlin International Institute for Comparative Studies and Documentation, continuing the recordings for the UNESCO collection. Indian Music, Dance, Religion, Tradition vs Modernity, Sculpture and Philosophy are explored in this documentary through the eyes and the autobiography of Daniélou himself “The way to the Labyrinth”.

aquagranda in crescendo

a film by giovanni pellegrini


Grand Prix – West Side Mountains Doc Fest Awards 2018
Best Documentary Feature – Kolkata Arthouse Film Festival 2018

A documentary on the new Opera of the 1966 great Venice Flood. Fifty years after the flood that submerged Venice with two meters of water, Teatro La Fenice produces the new operistic work AQUAGRANDA, to recall those tragic days in which Venice ran the risk to disappear forever. We followed the director Michieletto, the composer Perocco and their teamwork on the stage of La Fenice, the legendary theater risen from the ashes after the fire of 1996.  Film doc AQUAGRANDA IN CRESCENDO tells the birth of a contemporary opera and re-enacts the days that shook the heart of Venice, bringing out a deep fear of sea in the city born on water.